Stop wondering


you feel so confused

I know what it feels like to wish you knew why you responded like you do. Or to not be able to connect with others. Or to struggle to resolve conflict at home and work.

If you’re like me, you’ve always wanted to know why you act and respond that way. You’ve likely wanted to have a deeper understanding of yourself and those that mean the most to you so you could have a deeper connection and better process for resolving conflict. I know you want to become more awoken to who God made you to be, and it’s wrong that you don’t have a clear process to find the real you.

I get it.

I’ve been on the journey to uncovering the lens God intended for my life. For the past several years, I’ve helped dozens of teams, organizations and individuals just like you overcome being overwhelmed, confused, and lost so they could experience clarity and connection.

I began studying the Enneagram years ago as a passion to find out more about myself and my family. That passion turned into an obsession that I now share with teams who are committed to conflict resolution, groups that want to connect in a deeper way, and individuals striving to understand themselves and those they love. I am committed to helping you find that clarity so you can stop feeling overwhelmed.

The process is simple —

1) Set up a free 15 minute call with me.

2) Take your Enneagram Type test (about 20 minutes).

3) Be prepared for some of the most “Ah Ha” moments you have ever experienced.

Once you set up your call, you’ll have taken the first step toward clarity, connection, and conflict freedom.

I believe it slows you down to be overwhelmed and you deserve to overcome that feeling.

I will help you learn about yourself so you can lead, love, and live a better life.

Schedule your call now so we can get started.

-Jackie Brewster