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One on One

Are you eager to uncover and discover more about your patterns of behavior and your true motivations?

Individual sessions are designed to help you move towards growth and become the best version of who you were created to be. You will learn about the many facets of your Enneagram type and how you can apply this information to see true transformation in your life.


Learn Together

Are you a new or seasoned couple, seeking connection through Enneagram awareness?

Couple sessions are tailored to your unique enneagram combination. You and your partner will deep dive into your personality types and explore how they work together, the strengths and weaknesses of both people, and develop tools to help you move towards connection.


Lead Stronger

Are you a leader who desires to grow in self-awareness, team development, communication and empathy?

Leadership sessions focus on your strengths and unique leadership style. You will learn how to lead from health, recognize when stress is affecting your leadership, and how to best communicate with your team.  Leadership coaching will help you create your best work environment.


Develop Together

Does your team need tools to help with communication and connection?

Gain Enneagram awareness that will equip your team to communicate clearly and and navigate conflict.  Your team will develop better understanding of how each member thinks, contributes, processes information and works together.


I’m Jackie.

Jackie Brewster is a certified Enneagram coach and  Experiential Specialist that lives in Franklin, Tennessee. She has been married for over twenty years to Stephen and they are parents to four amazing children. Together they started a consulting company that helps people, teams and organizations overcome being overwhelmed. Jackie focuses on helping individuals, couples and groups uncover and discover who they are and how to grow toward health through the teachings of the Enneagram and Biblical truth.

Tools to help you
uncover and discover more
about yourself and others.

The Enneagram and Your Marriage

In this seven-week workbook, Jackie guides you through the process of building a stronger marriage. Interactive exercises help each partner identify their primary Enneagram number, subtypes, and wing numbers, then apply that knowledge to the everyday challenges of married life.


Enneagram Essentials: 125 Cards for Self-Awareness & Connection offers both newcomers and experienced enthusiasts an innovative and uniquely interactive resource for learning about and applying this popular self-discovery model.

Hearing God Speak

This weekly, interactive guide helps you explore how your heavenly Father is speaking to you as you listen to Him in your Enneagram language. Learn to identify patterns of behavior that drive your decisions and uncover your deepest thoughts, unconscious motivations, and personality traits.

Free Resources

Are you on a journey to uncover and discover more about yourself? Download four free guides to learn about all the 9 Enneagram types, how they play out in the workplace, and how we all use unconscious coping strategies to deal with uncomfortable and difficult situations..

Book an event.

Jackie has been a featured speaker at conferences, staff retreats, and group events. She would love to help your audience uncover and discover more about themselves through the lens of the Enneagram. Topics include:

Understanding The Enneagram
Help your audience uncover and discover more about themselves through the lens of the Enneagram. Jackie unpacks how the Enneagram is a tool to reveal patterns of behavior and bring clarity and understanding to your life.

Leadership and Team Development
Help you and your team create clarity, reduce confusion, and build better lines of communication using the Enneagram as a tool to better understand each other.

Relationship and the Enneagram
Build stronger relational foundations with the help of the Enneagram which will create understanding, empathy, and deeper connections in your meaningful relationships.

Enneagram with JB: A Podcast About Enneagram Personalities

Certified Enneagram coach Jackie Brewster offers a fun, fresh approach to learning more about the Enneagram, while encouraging listeners to grow in empathy and understanding with both themselves and the people around them.

You deserve more than frustration and anxiety.

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