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Leadership Teams

Your team works together every day, yet still has misses when it comes to communication. Poor communication leads to frustrated team members, confusion, mistrust, and poor execution, not to mention the cost it plays on team morale.

If your team is ready to reduce confusion, create clarity, and overcome being overwhelmed the getting to know each other session is where you start.


Conflict Resolution

Do you find yourself tired of being frustrated by a person or relationship dynamics at work? Leaders today find themselves increasingly distracted by referring team conflict or worse avoiding people they are responsible for leading. 

Image how much more productive and connected your team would be if everyone understood these nine unique personality types.


Personal Development

When we navigate life unaware of what is driving us we are blind to ourselves and our patterns of behavior. We have to uncover the driving force behind our reactions to see why we are continuing to come up against the same situations over and over again.

Get clarity when it comes to conflict and see other peoples' perspectives so you can be a better friend, spouse, and coworker.


What others have said

Jackie is really good at reading people and helping them discover who they are.


NYT Best Selling Author and Speaker

There are a lot of people talking about the Enneagram lately. But every tool requires a great teacher. I absolutely trust Jackie to be exactly that. She is the kind of woman you would want to be your teammate. I trust her implicitly to speak truth into your life. She’s the real deal and we need a whole lot more of that these days.


Author and Speaker

Working with Jackie made our staff able to communicate and understand each other so much better. It was an awakening for leaders and staff, personal and professional all in one. It was so valuable!


Sr. Pastor of C/Life Church – Orlando, FL


Discover who you are so you can be the best version of yourself.

Jackie Brewster is a certified Enneagram coach that lives in Franklin, Tennessee. She has been married for twenty years to Stephen and they are parents to four amazing children. Together they started a consulting company that helps people, teams and organizations overcome being overwhelmed. Jackie focuses on helping individuals and groups understand who they are and how to grow toward health through the teachings of the Enneagram and Biblical truth.


Getting to know yourself

There are nine distinct personality types in the world today. That means there are nine ways to view the world. And they’re all right! 

This free PDF will help you uncover the things that make you unique and special and give you a glimpse into why you view the world the way you do.

You deserve more than frustration and anxiety.

Neither your teams nor your relationships can afford for you to not get better today. It starts with one free 30-minute phone call.