Do You Want To Understand the Enneagram?

Have you been overwhelmed or confused about Enneagram and your number? Have you been looking for an approachable, practical, and easy to use guide to the Enneagram? Want to help your friends understand more about themselves?

Created by certified Enneagram coach and podcast host Jackie Brewster, Enneagram Essentials: 125 Cards for Self-Awareness & Connection offers both newcomers and experienced enthusiasts an innovative and uniquely interactive resource for learning about and applying this popular self-discovery model by guiding them to uncover deeply rooted feelings and motivations, to nurture empathy and compassion for others, and ultimately to grow toward the best version of themselves.

Who It’s For:

Ideal for counseling sessions, church small groups, or with friends and family, this beautifully designed boxed set of cards invites readers to engage more with their “inner life” and learn how to identify core fears, core desires, defense mechanisms, what their hearts long to hear, and how they function in relationships. Tabbed dividers featuring insightful discussion questions separate the cards into six categories:


Enneagram Basics – the fundamentals


Enneagram Awareness – more detailed exploration


Enneagram Insights – the “cons” of each type


Enneagram Assets – the “pros” of each type


Enneagram and Relationships – relating with other types


Deeper Dive into the Enneagram – more revelations about each type

Whether you are an Enneagram expert or novice, counselor, spiritual leader, or individual, this interactive tool for meaningful personal growth will leave you feeling known, seen, and understood.

As Brewster explains in the boxed set’s helpful introductory booklet, “Enneagram Essentials is a tool to help you uncover and discover more about yourself. If you’re not sure what your number is, read through each of the number summaries and take note of what feels true to you.”


Jackie Brewster

Jackie Brewster is a certified Enneagram coach and  Experiential Specialist that lives in Franklin, Tennessee. She has been married for over twenty years to Stephen and they are parents to four amazing children. Together they started a consulting company that helps people, teams and organizations overcome being overwhelmed. Jackie focuses on helping individuals, couples and groups uncover and discover who they are and how to grow toward health through the teachings of the Enneagram and Biblical truth.

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